Sunday, July 14, 2013

We lost a layer.

It's with much sadness that I have to report that we lost a layer overnight.  Our Easter Egger Mulan was acting very strange yesterday.  I went outside at one point to check on things and she was sitting in a puddle in the pouring down rain.  The rest of the birds were under the deck where it was nice and dry.  She didn't run from me when I got close so I picked her up and put her under the deck with the others.
Here she is in the spring.
Later in the day after it had stopped raining my wife found her sitting in another puddle.  She wasn't herself.  She was very inactive.  She wasn't wandering the yard pecking and scratching with the other birds.  She didn't run from the kids when they got close.  She just sat.
Rain soaked Mulan hiding under the swing set.
She did manage to get in the coop last night, but she stayed on the floor.  She didn't get on one of the perches.  I knew there was a problem this morning when I opened the coop to let the birds out.  The Rhode Island Red is always the first one out and Mulan is always second.  She didn't come out at all.  I opened the big access door and I could tell instantly that she was gone. 

I went inside to let the kids know.  They took it well and didn't seem too surprised.  They weren't interested in helping me bury her.  That was fine.  I went out and took care of it. 

The worst part is not knowing what happened.  We haven't seen any eggs from her in at least a month, maybe two.  So maybe she was egg bound.  It's also possible that it was a parasite like coccidiosis.  We just don't know.  All of the other birds both layers and broilers are doing fine.  We're going to keep a close eye on all of them for the next few days, and hope that we don't lose any more.

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