Saturday, March 18, 2017

Starting seeds for the 2017 garden

I haven't written anything in a while. There hasn't been a lot going on around the old homestead.

Anyway, I've had good luck with the Jiffy greenhouse kit in the past. So I used one again this year.
I started 3 rows of tomatoes back in January. 
They didn't take long to come up. I also started peppers on multiple occasions. Some of them didn't germinate at all. Others did, but they took forever. 
I transplanted the tomatoes to pots. When the weather is nice I put them outside in the sun.
Most of the time the plants are under lights in the garage.
The picture below is more tomatoes that I started later. I like to stagger my seed starting so I don't get all of my tomatoes at once.
The picture below is mostly peppers. It took multiple attempts, but they finally seem to be taking off.  I transplanted most of them to bigger pots today.
Peppers in the bigger pots.
Here are the peppers under lights. They're so small. I can't imagine that they will be ready to go into the ground in the middle of April. That's only a few weeks away.