Thursday, May 18, 2017

Relocating my rain barrel water pump (update #2).

I had some doubts about moving my rain barrel pump to my crawlspace. I had some leaks initially, but I managed to resolved those. Now that that they are gone I'm pretty happy with the setup. The pump is barely audible inside the house.

I decided to improve things further by adding a pressure gauge. I fussed around with setting the pressure on the pump before. The gauge I used for that was attached to one of the hose bibs. I think adding a gauge closer to the pump will be better. It'll certainly be easier to make future adjustments.

I found all of the parts that I needed at Lowes.
I screwed the brass bushing into the threaded side of the PVC elbow and then screwed the pressure gauge into the bushing. Then I cut and glued all of the PVC pipe and fittings to get what I have in the picture below. 
I plugged the pump back in and everything worked just as I hoped it would.
I was able to see the pump kick on when the gauge fell to 30 psi. Unfortunately it shut off just under 50 psi. I know I had it shutting off just over 50 psi previously. That was with a different gauge at a different location. I'll have to try to adjust it a little higher sometime when get a chance. For now everything seems to be working fine.
I've already used almost 300 gallons of rain water this year.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Garden Update May 2017

The garden is really taking off. It seems like I just put the plants in the ground the other day.
I thought these were bush beans. With the way they are growing they might be pole beans. That could be a problem.
These tomato plants had plenty of space when I put them in.

More tomatoes.
I stagger my seed starting, so these peppers and tomatoes are still small.
This row of peppers is really doing well. There are cucumbers in the back of this bed. I hope they get enough sun.
More tomato and pepper plants. We're gonna make salsa this summer!