Monday, February 25, 2013

Chickens are destructive little buggers.

I had some plastic netting around the kale and cabbage plants in the back yard.  I removed it for another project that I'll write about later. 

I don't know what the weeds are that are in there.  I do know that the chickens gobbled them up when I pulled them and left them laying in the yard.  So I figured that without the fence there they'd clean it out for me.

Well did they ever!

They tore up everything!  The purple kale was pulled from the ground, but not eaten.  I was able to harvest it.  I was surprised that they ate the green kale since they've never shown any interest in it before.  

I was kind of annoyed, but you live and learn.  On the bright side, they did get rid of all of the weeds.  So... Umm... Mission accomplished...

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