Friday, June 19, 2015

June 2015 Garden Update

The garden is coming along this year even though I've had a couple of setbacks.  I've had a problem with deer, and the heat.
Peas on May 30.
 I didn't pick my peas in time and most of them dried out. 
Peas on June 15.
I tried something new this year.  I have my cucumbers climbing para cord.  It's working really well.
I lost 4 really nice tomato plants to blight.  Luckily I have more plants in other beds.
Tomatoes dead from blight on June 7.
The beans down the side of this bed were doing nicely.
These are the same beans (from a different angle) after the deer got them.
I put out my motion activated water sprinklers after the deer ate the beans. 
This is one of the tomato plants that is doing well.
Peppers and herbs in containers.

My first harvest of beans.

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