Sunday, July 23, 2017

Garden Update July 2017

July is almost over the garden is doing pretty well. I've lost a few tomato plants, but the rest have produced like crazy. I'm getting the best Roma tomatoes that I've ever gotten. I took out the beans I started with in the spring and planted new ones. And of course the peppers are doing great.
One of the many pepper plants.
I bought packets of mixed pepper seeds. It's been interesting to see what kind of peppers they grow. 
Another pepper plant.
Yet another pepper plant.

Roma tomatoes.
That sad looking brown thing was a tomato plant.
Those big leaves in the picture above are from a cucumber vine. That thing grew along the length of the bed and then climbed up a tomato plant and jumped to the next. Now if only it would produce some cucumbers.
More Romas.
I filled half of a grocery bag with tomatoes. My wife made salsa and sauce.
I have cucumber vines going all over the place, but I've only gotten a few cucumbers.

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