Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have plants in the ground.

I put some plants in the ground the other day.

I planted kale and several other seedlings in the island bed out front.

Two kale plants took up residence under the lamppost.

The cabbage and Brussels sprouts were planted in the front flower bed.  The garlic was planted there last fall.

More plants in the island bed.
Island bed from another angle.
I actually planted these Brussels sprouts in November.  They've done great through the winter.  (What little bit of it we had.)
My pepper plant is already producing.  This is actually a holdover from last year as well.  It survived the winter in the garage.

I thought I'd add an update on some of my radishes.  They're ready to pick.

I have never gotten radishes to grow this big before.  They're the size of golf balls.  That's lettuce in the front.  It looks like it's finally starting to do something.

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