Sunday, May 20, 2012


We got chickens.  Our neighbor had more than she needed, and offered some to us.  Before they arrived though, we needed a place to put them.  I had to sacrifice the mini-greenhouse. 

I picked up some 2x4' OSB sheets from the discount scrap pile at Home Depot.  Total cost was $2. 

I made a small box out of the OSB and attached it to the frame of the mini-greenhouse.

The roof is hinged.  I also added a divider.

Finally, I covered the thing with wire mesh screen.  That should keep the critters out.  (I hope.)

The chickens seem happy.

We do let them out for a good portion of the day.  They tend to hide under the deck and don't do much wandering.  
We have four chickens total, and each is a different variety.  I don't know what they are though.  There's a red one, a black one, a striped one, and a yellow one.  The person we got them from said that they should start laying eggs around Labor Day.

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