Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nature was kind to me after all.

I wrote a post the other day complaining about a late cold snap.  I am happy to report that all of my plants survived.  They were calling for it to go down to 32* both nights.  Instead, it went down to 34* both nights. 
The picture above was taken after the first night.  I left the buckets in place and didn't remove them during the day.  The picture below was taken after the second night (that was today) after I removed the buckets.
The biggest problem I had was that the plants were really too big to be under those buckets.  The tomato in the picture below looks unhappy.  The top of the plant is going out and not up.  It'll survive.
I really didn't mind waiting until next year to test my new greenhouse climate controller.  Even though I didn't see it come on, it must have worked.  I have the controller set to turn the heat on at 40* and the minimum temperature recorded in there was 39.2*.  So that's good news.  I'm real happy about that actually.

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