Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nature is cruel.

I thought Winter was over.  I thought I was done with freezing temperatures.  I thought I was past our last frost date.  I was wrong!  It's supposed to go down to 32* tonight and again tomorrow night. 

I started moving tomatoes to my raised beds two weeks ago.  I was hesitant to plant too many at once.  So I've been planting 3-4 at a time.  Well, now I have 15 in the ground.  There's a chance I could lose some or all of them.  I'm hoping to prevent that.

How?  I dug out all of my 5-gallon buckets.  I didn't have enough to cover all of my plants.  That didn't really matter since several of them were too tall to fit under a bucket.
I sat pots full of soil on top of the buckets to weight them down.
 I took the trash can out of my garage and used it too.  It was tall enough to fit over one of my tallest plants. 
It's supposed to go down to 32*.  With any luck, all of the plants will make it.  If I do happen to lose some, I still have extras in the greenhouse.  I'm not worried about losing anything in there.

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