Thursday, July 25, 2013

More raised beds.

I check Home Depot's web site every day.  I check for landscape timbers frequently because they sometimes put them on sale without publicizing it.  As luck would have it, they were on sale the other day.  So I got some more.  (Normal price is $3.97.  Sale price was $1.97.)
I built another 4x8 bed inline with the previous beds.
My driveway has a curve to it.  I tried to mimic that by creating smaller beds.  The first was 4x3'. 
The next bed was 4x2.
The picture below is better at showing what I was trying to accomplish.  You can see some of the curve of the driveway and how the beds get smaller to keep their distance from it.
I filled the new 4x8 bed and 4x2 beds with compost from my compost bins.
Below is a picture of all of the beds. 
I relocated my container plants that were sitting in my driveway to the new raised beds.  I didn't re-plant them, I just sat the containers in the beds.  They're doing fine in the containers and I see no need to disturb them at this point.  I just wanted them out of the driveway.

I still need to finish staining the new beds and then add more drip irrigation lines.

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