Friday, July 26, 2013

Keeping deer out of the garden.

I wrote previously that I had problems with deer snacking on my garden.  My wife got her hair cut and brought the clippings home.  I put them all over the place in hopes that they'd keep the deer away.  It appeared to work for a while.  Then one morning I as checking my garden before work.  It was bad. 
Most of the leaves on the melons were gone.
A lot of the top leaves on the peppers were gone.

He even ate the leaves off of the beans growing near my mailbox.  That means he was standing in the road!
I had enough of that nonsense.  I work too hard at this to feed deer.  I got on Amazon and ordered a Scarecrow motion activated water sprinkler.  It took two days to get here. 
Setup and installation was easy.  I had to install a 9v battery (not included) and screw 3 parts together.  Then I attached the hose and set the sensitivity.  I had it too high at first.  It was going off when cars drove by. 
I put it in my newest raised bed.
I put it in my newest raised bed and positioned it so it points down the center aisle.  It sprays far enough to cover the entire garden.  It doesn't quite spray in a full circle.  I'd guess that it covers 270* or so.  It'll startle you if you're not paying attention.  I've gotten sprayed by it on more than one occasion. 

I don't know if it's actually keeping the deer away or not.  I haven't seen any new damage done to the plants.  It's hard to tell though since so many of the plants were already half eaten. 

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