Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Backyard broiler update -- Week 7

I don't really have anything new to report.  The birds are another week older.
Me moving the tractor.
They could be ready to harvest as soon as next week, but I'm going to wait until they are at least 9 weeks old.  That'll give me a little more time to get ready.  I've never processed a chicken before, so I've been doing some research on the Internet.  It doesn't look too difficult.

I bought a 40 lb. bag of feed on June 25.  They finished it off today, July 3.  I stopped to pick up more, but there was none in stock.  They're going to have to eat some some of the 16% layer feed for a few days until I can get more.  I find it hard to believe that 11 birds can eat 40 lbs. of feed in 8 days.  At that rate I'm going to need another 80 lb. before they're done.

Look at the combs on the chickens in the picture below.  The one on the left in the back has a huge comb already.  The one on the right has nothing.  I think that guy on the left is a rooster.  It was a straight run order, so odds are they are split 50/50.  I just hope none of them start crowing before graduation day.

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