Saturday, June 29, 2013


So when I was on my soapbox yesterday I mentioned that I wanted to get more animals.  Today we did just that.

This wasn't a spur of the moment thing.  I've wanted rabbits for a while.  We got serious about getting them a little over a week ago.

What was the motivation?  I was inspired by Joel Salatin.  I ordered his "Getting Your Hands Dirty" lecture from Amazon and listened to it at the beginning of June.  He made the point that children need responsibilities and that between the ages of 7 and 10 is a good time for them to start a business.  They learn responsibility by taking care of something and get rewarded with the money they earn.  He does not believe that kids should get an allowance.  No one should get money for simply existing.  I have to agree with him. 

My daughter decided that she wanted to raise rabbits and sell them as pets.  I couldn't convince her to raise them for meat.  My wife took her to the library and she got a book on rabbits and they read quite a bit of it.  Then they got on the computer and did more research.  She was really motivated.  So they got on craigslist and found a used rabbit hutch for $50.  We had to drive nearly an hour to get it, but it was perfect!
The lid didn't open properly because the trim was broken.  It was easily repaired.  It was also in need of some major cleaning.  I sprayed it down with bleach and then pressure washed it.  Now it looks great.  It has upper and lower living areas which will allow her to have two rabbits.  There are two pullout trays so cleaning the waste shouldn't be too difficult.  I asked her if I could have the poop for the garden.  She said, "Well... OK, but only if you're willing to clean it out."  She's a smart cookie.

After getting the hutch she had to decide what kind of rabbits she wanted.  It changed every 15 minutes.  First it was Holland lop.  Then Mini Rex.  Then then it was something else, and then it'd be Holland Lop again. She went back and forth a lot!  Finally, she settled on Holland Lop.  We got on craigslist and found a place that had them.  We went and she picked one out last week, but it wasn't old enough to come home with us until today. 
8 week old Female Holland Lop.
I've never had a rabbit before.  I don't know how long it'll take for it to adjust.  I imagine it must be quite a shock for the thing.  I've got my fingers crossed that this works out.  If it does we'll get a male in a few weeks and see what happens from there.  With any luck we'll have baby bunnies in time for Easter.

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