Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Backyard broiler update -- Week 4

These things are consuming a lot of my free time.

I've had such good luck with the poultry nipple waterers, that I decided to make another one.  They are cleaner and so much less work than the 1-quart waterer I've been using in the second tractor.
The quart waterer is still in there.  I need to take that out.
Huh, that looks familiar.  Oh right, I more or less modeled it off of Joel Salatin's chicken shelters.

The birds themselves seem to be doing fine.  They've grown quite a bit since we got them.
Day 1
Almost 4 weeks.
Here they are doing what they do best.  Eating!
I'm real tempted to get a few more feeders.  If I did that I might get away with only checking on them once a day.  As it is now, I check on them before work, and at least twice in the evening after work.
I had a bit of a scare tonight. I was dragging the new tractor and heard a terrible squeal.  I looked and saw that I had caught a leg of one of the birds.  I lifted the tractor enough to free it.  It limped away.  I picked it up and inspected its legs.  I couldn't tell that anything was wrong.  There were no obvious signs that anything was broken.  But, I'm not a doctor (or farmer).  I watered some plants around the yard, and checked on them again.  They all seemed to be doing fine.  I'm going keep a close eye on them the next few days.  I'd really hate to lose one at this point.


  1. The mother hen raising mine has pretty much stopped at this point, so my meat birds are mingling with the egg birds the same age (and some are the same color). They are mixed up now, and I think I can still tell which ones they are. I only spotted 3 of the 4 though- I hope the other one was hiding.

    1. You'll be able to tell when they start crowing. That is if you got roosters.