Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Backyard broiler update -- Week 5

Another week has gone by and the broilers are bigger.  There isn't a whole lot new to report.  I haven't really kept track of how frequently I move the tractors each day.  When the grass is flattened they get moved.  Sometimes it'll be once, twice, or even three times in one day.  They've been all over the back yard.

According to this post we got a 50 lb. bag of feed on May 22.  I had to buy another bag on June 14.  This time I picked up a 40 lb. bag of 18% protein feed for $14.98.  It's what I could get locally.  I didn't feel like running to the next town over to get the 20% again.

I picked up another 1-quart feeder.  They were making too much of a mess out of the 14-hole feeder that I had been using. 

These birds are already as big as one of my bantam layers.  I guess that's why they are raised for meat.
If I'm not mistaken, this is a bantam silver duckwing welsummer.


  1. The egg bird is so dainty and lovely compared to those broilers!