Thursday, June 6, 2013


I've written before that I haven't been having much luck with peppers this year.  I started a bunch from seed all the way back in January.  In April after the last signs of frost, I moved them to the raised beds.  Then we had a month of clouds and rain and they didn't do well.  As a result I started more seeds and I've been shuffling pots around between the greenhouse and the garage.
I started seeds in 4" pots and kept them under shop lights in the garage.
These were transplanted from 4" pots to these pots on May 8 and kept under shop lights.  They are too big for the pots now so they got moved into the raised beds.
On the left is one of the plants from the picture above.  On the lower right is one of the tiny pepper plants that I planted in April.  It's hardly grown at all.  I'm leaving it there to see what happens.
I potted up some of the peppers from the 4" pots to these pots.

More peppers potted up.
One lonely pepper in the new bed.
Since I transplanted these nice sized peppers to the beds I've been feeling pretty good, like I might have some hope of getting some peppers this year.  Then I looked at my pictures from last year and found this.
June 8, 2012.
That picture was taken June 8, 2012.  It's June 6, 2013.  My plants aren't anywhere even close to producing that much.  I have tomatoes on some of my plants, but they are still small and green.  Obviously my peppers aren't close to producing anything either.  Oh well, I'll blame it on the weather.  We had record warmth in March 2012, and nothing but clouds and rain in April 2013.  At least it was good for the kale.

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