Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From the garden to the juicer.

The month of clouds and rain may not have been good for my peppers, but it was great for my kale. 
Here's the bed when it was first planted on April 10, 2013.
May 28, 2013
I had to do something with the kale.  It was getting too big.  I should have planted them further apart, but it looked like they had plenty of room when they were small.  

I picked a bunch of kale and lettuce and brought it inside.  Then it went into the juicer.  
Not a bad harvest.
I used the same general juice recipe that I always use.  Kale, lettuce, apple, ginger, lime and carrots.  It was yummy.
I didn't weigh the kale, so I don't know how much I picked or how much it would've cost at the grocery store.  I do know that back when I was juicing on a regular basis, kale was $0.99/lbs.  The last time I bought kale it was $1.19/lbs.  At first glance that doesn't seem like much of a hike, only $0.20.  I normally only buy a pound or two when I get it so no big deal right?  Then I thought about it.  That's a 20% increase!  I'm just going to have to grow more of it myself.

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