Friday, May 24, 2013

Uh, that's not a pepper.

I posted the other day that I had one pepper plant doing great and that the others weren't doing so well.  A couple of days have passed and that "pepper" is growing like crazy.  So much so that I came to realize that it isn't a pepper.  It's a tomatillo.  Whoops.
This is what happens when you use the, "Oh look here's a space I'll plant something there." gardening method.  I thought I had planted all but the last foot or so of this bed with peppers and that remaining foot near the trellis has the cucumbers.  I guess I must have stuck a tomatillo in there at some point.  Go figure.

Oh well.  I like surprises.  Especially when it's some edible plant that I wasn't expecting.

So, about those peppers.  The ones I put under lights in the garage.  They seem to be doing really well.  They've put on leaves, and although it's hard to tell in these pictures they are a beautiful green.  They look far better than the yellow, barely-hanging-on plants in the garden.

Just for reference, here's what they looked like when I put them in those containers.

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