Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Back to the greenhouse

About a month ago I took all of the plants from my greenhouse and put them in my garden.  At the time I had been waiting for the weather to get warm enough that I wouldn't have to worry about the plants freezing.  That hasn't been an issue.  It's hardly gotten down into the 40's at night.  But, it also hasn't been warm or sunny during the day.  We've had several weeks of rain and clouds and no sun.  As a result, my plants just don't seem to be doing that well.  (Well, they aren't growing as fast as I had hoped.  Maybe I'm just to impatient to be a gardener.)

The picture below shows what I am talking about.  The pepper plant in the back is tall and has a lot of leaves.  It's the only one.  The rest of the peppers in the bed look like the ones in the front, tiny, with few leaves, and turning yellow.

So what do I do about this?  I decided to start more seeds.  It's kind of late to be doing that, but better late than never.  If it does turn out to be too late then I might have to buy plants. 

I stopped on my way home from work and picked up potting soil.  I've used garden soil and top soil in the past.  I thought I'd try potting soil this time and see if it works any better.  Then I dug out all of my containers and the few remaining peppers that I hadn't transplanted yet.  They've been living in a tuperware bin next to one of the raised beds.

I filled some nice sized pots and potted up the remaining pepper plants.   I debated about where these should go.  Should I leave them outsize or put them back in the greenhouse.  Eventually I opted to put them in the greenhouse.  I already have peppers in the garden that are struggling.  Maybe leaving them in the greenhouse longer will give them a better chance.

I filled two tuperware bins with 4" pots.  One bin contains peppers and the other Roma tomatoes.

Now I wait.  With any luck, the plants in the garden beds will take off, these seeds will sprout, and I'll have more plants than I know what to do with.  That's a good problem to have.

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