Saturday, April 13, 2013

From greenhouse to garden

It's been getting into the 80's this past week.  I'm taking that as a sign that it's not going to get below freezing again.  (I really hope I'm not wrong about that!)  When it's 80* outside, it gets to be 100+ in the greenhouse.  I didn't want to keep the plants in there too much longer.  A lot of them were getting too big for their containers anyway.  Luckily I have raised beds where I can put them.
I transplanted beans and a few kale plants to this bed.
I picked up more garden soil at Home Depot.  They had their Spring Black Friday sale this past week.  I think I was there to pick something up every day of it but one.  I got one bed completely full of soil and two that are half full. 
These are pepper plants.  They might be a bit small yet, but I have several more still in the greenhouse if these don't make it.
This bed is full of tomatoes.  Some of these plants were nearly a foot tall.  That overflowing bin on the side is oregano.
Bonus picture: This is one of my blueberry plants that I put in last year.  It looks like I might actually get blueberries.
I probably should have hardened off the plants before transplanting them, but I didn't.  Other than the wind, it shouldn't be too much of a drastic change for them.  The lows outside will be in the 60's and that's what it would've been in the greenhouse. 

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