Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Drying Oregano

My oregano has really taken off.  I didn't plant any new seed this year.  Everything I have is left over from last year. 
I planted this last year and had cut it way back.  It took off once it got warm.
I had this container in the greenhouse.  It's not looking real great, so it's what I harvested.
Two more containers that I pulled out of the greenhouse.
I have a Nesco 4-tray dehydrator.  I only have one complaint about it.  Four trays is not enough.  I had to buy two additional trays (and I could probably use more).  I spread the oregano as evenly as I could between the 6 trays and set the dehydrator on its lowest setting.

It only took a few hours for the oregano to dry.  Then came the part I like the least, separating the leaves from the stems.  It's a nuisance to take the leaves off prior to putting them in the dehydrator.  It's not much easier to take them off once they are dry.  I started out separating them one stem at a time.  That got old quick.  I found that it was much quicker to just rub everything against the tray.  The leaves flaked off and fell to the tray below and most of the stems didn't.  Then I threw the stems out and removed the tray.  I repeated the process until I got to the bottom tray.

Dumped what remained in a zip top bag and put it in the closet. 

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