Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chicken coop motion light

I have no light near my chicken coop.  Frequently I don't get out there to close the door until after dark.  This is annoying.  I don't like to fumble around and trip on uneven ground while attempting to close the door.   So I got on Amazon and found a battery powered LED motion light.  It takes 3 AA batteries.  Installation was easy.  It required attaching a bracket to the coop with two screws.

I've been fairly impressed with it so far.  It provides enough light that I longer have to take a flashlight with me.  It stays on for 45 seconds after detecting motion.  The dog even sets it off.  I don't know if opossums set it off or not (I don't want to find out either).
This photo was taking with the flash on my phone.  It doesn't light up the coop as much as shown.

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