Thursday, March 21, 2013

These things climb trees!?!?!?

The dog was going nuts along the fence near the front yard the other night.  I thought that was odd.  Then I noticed that she was looking up into the tree. 

The opossum was in the tree.  The tree was outside of the fence, so technically he wasn't in the yard.  I did throw some sticks at him (and missed by a mile).  So I got out the garden hose and got him good and wet.  He just climbed higher.  Luckily he was out of sight at that point and the dog was willing to come in.  I'm hoping that he died of hypothermia.  I doubt it though.  The dog was going nuts along the back fence again last night.  I went out and looked 3 times and never saw anything.  I don't know what she was upset about, but I'd bet that the thing was out there.  I don't know how, but she picks up stuff like that.

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