Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cover crops in the yard

My back yard has gotten to be quite a mess.  We've had a lot of rain this winter which has turned about half of the yard into mud.  The dog and the chickens haven't helped.  We've always had a few bare spots where grass wouldn't grow, but they've gotten much bigger.
The grass is sparse.
So, what should be done about it?  I figure since I have chickens that I might as well grow something for them. 

I went to my favorite gardening store and they happened to have some cover crops in stock.  I picked some crimson clover, alfalfa, and winter rye. 

I mixed them all together with what was left of my barley.

I knew that as soon as this stuff hit the ground the chickens would eat it.  So I took the fence down from around my kale and cabbage and set it up over a bare patch of ground.  I added some glow in the dark rope so it'd be seen at night.

Of course the chickens tried their best to get the seed near the edge.

I covered the seed with straw.

I'd guess that the chickens spent an hour or more going around the fence trying to get whatever they could.  I think they'll enjoy it more once it grows. 

Now all I can do is wait and hope that it grows.


  1. I've got to figure out how to keep the hens out of newly planted areas. Your temporary barricade looks good.

    1. The plastic netting came from Lowes. It was $20 for 50 ft. of it. It's the cheapest 4 ft. high solution that I've found.