Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seed starting update.

The new greenhouse is working pretty well so far.

Kale, cabbage, dill, and who knows what else.

Lettuce on the top and lower left.  Oregano on the bottom right.

More oregano.

Hot peppers on top and lettuce underneath.
I have to note here that I didn't plant any of the oregano.  That stuff was already in the containers from last summer.  It was all dead and brown.  I just put the containers in the greenhouse with hopes of eventually replanting them with something else.

The peppers are taking forever.  I started those seeds in my garage on January 15.  They are just now starting to develop their second set of leaves. 

I really really need to start labeling things when I start them.  I always think that I'll remember what I put where.  That never happens.  Some day I'll learn my lesson. 

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