Saturday, March 9, 2013

Anaerobic composter update

Well something appears to be happening under that trash can.

The trash can has risen about 5-6 inches.  So I thought I'd try to find out just what is going on under there.  I got a lighter, and opened the valve.  I didn't see any flame, but I could feel heat. 

Then this happened.
I caught the plastic barb on fire.  I shut the valve, but it continued to burn.

Eventually I was able to put it out, but not before it was almost gone.  Luckily I had a spare and was able to replace it. 

I guess it worked.  I think the gas coming out of the valve burned.  Like I said, I couldn't see a flame.  I suppose it's possible that I just caught the plastic on fire, but I'm not sure.  I need to wait for more gas to be produced and then try again.

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