Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chicken coop cost.

On more than a few occasions I've been asked how much my chicken coop cost to build.  I'll try to provide as many details as I can here.  Some of the materials I used were leftover from previous projects.  Their cost to me for the coop was $0.

The table below is a materials list containing links to Home Depot's web site.  I don't have every receipt from the project so some of the items listed are from memory.  I used the prices from the receipts that I do have.  The other prices came from HD's web site.  

315/32x4x8 Plywood17.87 53.61
14x4x6 Pressure Treated timber5.27 5.27
115/32x4x8 OSB9.87 9.87
302x4x8 Dried Whitewood Stud2.92 87.60
62x2x8 Spruce-Pine-Fir Furring Strip1.53 9.18
119/32x4x8 Sheathing20.97 20.97
1Charcoal 3-Tab Shingles22.0022.00
1Felt Roof Deck Protection15.5015.50
1Galvanized Hardware Cloth9.979.97
26Hurricane Tie0.5213.52

I know there are things missing from this list.  I didn't include nails, screws, hinges, hooks, and latches.  As I mentioned above, and in my post about the nesting boxes, I used leftover OSB to build the nesting boxes.  You'll need material for those as well.  I didn't include paint because I used primer and paint that I already had.

I also seem to remember having a few 2x4's left over.  I don't think I needed all 30 of them, but I don't remember how many I did need. 

In any case, the above list should provide an idea of what it costs to build yourself a decent 4x8' chicken coop.  I'd estimate that it's easily doable for $300-350 (in early 2013, who knows what prices will be in the future).

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