Thursday, March 14, 2013

Really? Another opossum?

Unbelievable...  Either the opossum I killed and buried the other day rose from the dead, or I have another one. 

It was either this morning or yesterday morning that I noticed chicken feed on the ground and that the feeder was kind of low.  I thought it was odd, but I don't check it too frequently.  So I figured that it was just low.

I feel like a broken record writing this...  Tonight I let the dog out.  She was out for a while and then I heard her barking.  I went out to see what was going on.  Sure enough, she was in the chicken area where she's not supposed to be.  So I got my boots and my flashlight and saw a dang opossum on the other side of the fence in the woods.  The dog was going nuts running along the fence and stopped frequently to look over.  The opossum sat on the other side glaring at us.  It had its mouth open and teeth on display.  It didn't move from its location even after I threw sticks at it.

The chicken food was already put away.  I got a log and used it to block the gap under the gate.  I'm guessing that's how they are getting in.  Then I brought the dog in.  She got a drink of water and went right back to the door to go out.  I'm letting this one go (this time).  Hopefully it won't come back. 

Thankfully I have a dog.


  1. Another one? Time for an automatic door for that coop!

    1. The door was closed on the coop and I remembered to put the food in the shed.

      As long as it stays in the woods there won't be an issue. If I find it in the yard, it's going to have a bad day.