Tuesday, June 4, 2013

They are happy birds.

A couple days ago I started putting the broilers outside during the day.  At first, they were not so happy.  Now, they seem to love it.  I put four out on the first day, and eight out on the second.  The third day they were lounging in the grass and seemed quite content.  I did catch them pecking, scratching, and even fighting.  They're a hoot to watch.
Just like the layers, they are destructive.  They tear up and trample down the grass.  I'll be moving the tractor at least once a day.  If I'm home, it'll get moved more frequently.
This is what they did to the ground.
Here they are enjoying the fresh grass.
They aren't officially three weeks old until tomorrow.  That's close enough for me.  I put all of the birds out there tonight and cleaned up the mess they made in the garage.  I moved their poultry nipple waterer out to the tractor.  That'll be easier to deal with than the quart waterer that they're always making a mess of.
5-gallon water reservoir.

Woohoo!  The garage and cage are clean!
I'd estimate that we are half way through this bag of food.
Well, they were getting ready to sleep for the night.   They get pretty spooked when I open the lid.

Here's some video I got of them the other day.

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