Thursday, June 13, 2013

The power is out. My lights are still on.

We had a bad storm come through tonight.  I found tree limbs, leaves, and branches all over the yard.  The plants in the raised beds were mostly OK.  I had to stand up several peppers that had been knocked over.

Anyway, it took me a while to get into the house and realize the power was off.  I checked on the broilers and when I came back in, it still wasn't on.  So it was time to take action.

I got out a Cobra 400w inverter I had in the garage and plugged it into the 12v outlet in my car.
Then I plugged in an extension chord and ran it into the house.
I put a block of wood under the trunk lid to keep it from damaging the chord.
I plugged in two lamps downstairs and one upstairs.
3-way plug with extension chords going to additional lamps.
Light for the kitchen.
To keep the draw low I used LED bulbs.  I had a Cree 9-watt (60w) LED bulb in the kitchen.  A Cree 6-Watt (40W) bulb in the living room (that's the bulb that's always in there).  The lamp upstairs had a 2w Feit Electric bulb.  That's a grand total of 17 watts.  That was well below the limit of the inverter.  Using the 12v outlet in the car limits the inverter to 120w.  That's a limitation of the socket, not the inverter.  Had I thought the power would be out longer, I would have hooked it up directly to the battery.  

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