Friday, July 19, 2013

Ducks -- Week 2

My son got 3 ducklings at the beginning of July.  I haven't really written much about them.  There's a reason for that.  They aren't really my project.  My son is raising them.  So he gets to do all of the work!  I see (and smell) them when I go through the garage.  That's pretty much it.  He cleans the cage.  He makes sure they have water and food.  In that regard things are working out well.  This was a project for him to learn some responsibility and earn some money in the process. 
Here he is hosing out the bottom of the cage.
I've been told by several people that, "Ducks are messy."  OK, what does that mean?  It means they get into their water and get it everywhere!  I don't know how they do it.  They have a 1-quart waterer in the cage with them.  Somehow they manage to soak every last pine shaving that's in there.  It doesn't seem like there's enough water in there for them to do that.  The wet mess attracts flies, lots and lots of flies.  And it doesn't smell so great.  Luckily they should be going into the yard pretty soon. 

It only takes them a few hours to do this.
I bought a mixing tub the other day to give them the chance to get in more water.  They loved it!  My son put it on the deck and filled it with water.

I don't know if their stomachs are supposed to look like this or not. 
They grown a lot, but still don't have feathers.  I'm not sure if that's normal or not.

  They're so stinking cute that you can stay mad at them for being so messy.


  1. Mine stayed in their cage for only a few days. It was a mess! I put them outside in a Little Tykes Playhouse near the house, and I move it every day so the grass can dry out. Yesterday I let them out to range a bit and led them to the little pond (exactly like yours). It was so cute to watch them! I had to put a big brick in there so they could climb out.

    They go through more than a gallon of water a day but surprisingly little food. They move around the yard as a tight little group. I think ducks are a tighter social group than chickens.

    I wonder if Ben's imprinted on him - do they follow him around the yard if he lets them out?

    1. I don't think he's set them free in the yard yet. We fenced off a corner for them where they stay during the day. At night they go into one of the chicken tractors now that it's empty.