Saturday, July 27, 2013

My tomatillos are out of control.

I grew three tomatillo plants last year and had more tomatillos than I knew what to do with.  We ended up canning a whole lot of tomatillo salsa.

Since I'm an American and believe that more is better, I planted a lot more tomatillos this year.  I don't even know how many I have.  I'm no expert, but from my experience I've found that tomatillos are hard to get started.  But if you can get them started and into the ground they take off!!!

I could hardly walk through my garden the other night.  The tomatillos got tall, leaned over, and were blocking the paths between the beds.  I've been trying to tie them up as they've grown, but even doing that hasn't been enough.
Tomatillos leaning over the pathway.
This one isn't quite as bad.  I tied it to the PVC pipe that the melons are growing on.

This one was tied up as well, but it's expanded all over the place.
This one isn't too bad.  It's still small and hasn't reached the top of the stake yet.
I put tomatillos is four of my self watering 5-gallon buckets and put them in one of the new raised beds.
If these plants produce like the ones did last year I'm going to have a whole lot tomatillos to use.

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