Sunday, August 31, 2014

Garden Status for August 2014

August has been an interesting month for the garden.  The tomatoes are pretty much done.  I've taken out most of those plants.  I have a few that are hanging on, but they aren't producing much.  I put in a second round of tomatoes some time in June.  They're still growing, but they aren't producing yet either.  I probably got them in too late.

The tomatillos didn't produce this year.  The plants themselves didn't do that well either.  I'm not sure what happened.  I've had a lot of luck with them in past years.  Basically I ended up with a whole lot of beans, and some peppers.  The peppers are doing OK, but again, not as well as previous years.

Beans, August 10.
I grew pole beans for the first time this year.  They really produce a lot.  I like the fact that I can stand up to pick them.
One old lonely tomato plant hanging on and one young tomato that isn't producing yet.
Peppers - August 14
Purple Peppers - August 14
Hot yellow peppers - August 14
I planted beans under the lamp post and didn't realize that they were pole beans.  They grew all over the shepherds hook until it bent over.
More beans - August 15.
Even more beans - August 17.

This is the start of some kale and rainbow chard for the fall.
Carrots - August 20.
Beans - August 20.

Seriously, the pole beans produce a lot of beans.  August 24.
Bean and pepper harvest on August 26.

I'm not sure how much more I'm going to get from the garden this year.  I think the peppers will be producing for a while, but the beans are close to being done.  I didn't do a real good job of starting seeds and getting stuff in for a second harvest.  I have a few kale plants in the ground for the fall and I have more seeds going in the garage.  I'll probably transfer them to the garden in a few weeks.

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