Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Let the 2015 gardening season begin!

I just checked the weather forecast and we're looking at lows in the teens over the next five days.  It doesn't feel like spring.  But, it is time to start thinking about this year's garden.  I need to start seeds now so I'll have plants to go in the ground in April. 

I pulled out my seed tray and some left over peat pods from last year.  
I placed several tomato seeds each of the pods in the first two rows.  I put one pepper seed in each of the pods in the next two rows.  I'm going to stagger starting tomatoes this year.  I started 8 today.  I plan to start 4 more next week and 4 more the week after that. 
I put the tray on the seed heating mat and covered it with the lid.

I pulled out my seeds tonight and found two bags of pepper seeds that I saved from peppers that I grew.  One of the bags was labeled 2012 and the other had no label.  I don't know how old they are. 
My attempt to keep peppers through the winter didn't work.  I cut the dead peppers off and scattered seeds all over the pot.  Then I moved the pots into my greenhouse

Since these seeds are old I have no idea how well they will germinate.  If they do end up doing well I'll let the strongest one survive and cut the rest off.   I normally just start seeds in my garage and then move them to the greenhouse.  I don't know if starting them in the greenhouse will work or not.  It'll be an interesting experiment.

I really need to print out a map of my garden and plan it out like I did last year.  That way I know how many plants I need.  Starting peppers and tomatoes now is good enough.  I can start everything else later. 

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