Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 Baby Bunnies - Week 2.5

Just wanted to note a little progress made today...

The black bunny had one eye still sealed shut.  Two days ago, we noticed it was a little crusty, so I held a damp cloth to it until the crustiness softened and then brushed it away.  The eye didn't open immediately.  Checked back today, and it was still closed.

I started googling and read about something called "nest box eye."  It's an infection that can happen by leaving the nesting material in the box too long and bacteria begins to grow under the moist, warm eyelid.  By 14 days, baby bunnies should have their eyes open.  Today is day 18 which is considered way too long and may indicate a problem.

So, following some advice I read, I took a warm teabag out to the bunny and held it on the closed eye for a few moments.  Then I gently wiped around the eye with a damp paper towel, tugging ever so carefully on the eyelid and, voila!  Eye opened.  Once it was opened, there was no redness the eye looked clear and the baby seemed as happy and chipper as before!

Now to go clean out that nesting material...

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