Monday, January 14, 2013

Barley fodder attempt #2

The first batch of barley fodder worked out so well that I thought I'd try again.

I did a few things differently this time.  I had some issues with rotting/fermenting seeds on the bottom last time.  So this time I grabbed an old seed starting tray.  I used it last year for starting seeds and never threw it out.  I put two 2x4's across the sink and put the tray on top.  Then I drilled drainage holes down the center of the tray.  After the holes were drilled I filled each of the squares in the grid with barley seed.

I put the grow lights over the seed, but did not use the heating mat this time.

Here's a picture on day 7.  The grow lights have been removed for clarity.
Day 7
Day 9
Day 12
You can see in the picture below how I had to stack 2x2's onto 2x4's to raise the grow lights as the barley grew.
Day 12

This is day 13 with the grow lights in place.  This time I had a 2x4 on a 2x4.
Day 13
 I finally pulled it on day 14.
Day 14
You can see the roots are around the plastic grid.  I thought this might be an issue, but it separated rather easily.

I think this worked rather well.  I didn't notice any strange smells in the garage.  I didn't see any slimy rotting seeds on the bottom of the tray either.  I watered the barley in the morning before I left for work and again at night when I got home.  If there was anything to complain about it would be how long it took.  When I used the heating mat it only took 8 days.  This time it took 14.  In any case, the chickens are going to be happy to find this when they get up tomorrow.

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