Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Hawk Attack

Well, we lost a chicken today.  I came home from work and before I got in the house my son told me that Leia had been attacked by a hawk.  He was taking the dog out and saw the hawk dragging the chicken.  He must have startled it because it flew away.  It lurked in a nearby tree for a while.  The other chickens were visibly spooked.  Two of them were under the coop, one was under the deck and 3 were in huddled in the back corner next to the fence.  I went over to see if they were OK.  Once I got there they bolted for the coop.

We were all pretty upset.  She was one of the original 4 that we got.  But, that's how it goes.  Nature can be cruel.

Below are several of the pictures of her during the few months that we had her.  Leia was a black Silkie and the first of our birds to lay eggs
The day she arrived.  May 13, 2012

RIP Leia.  
May 13, 2012 - January 23 2013

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