Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby Rabbits -- Week 1

The baby rabbits were born one week ago today.  All five of them seem to be doing well.  They pretty much just stay in their nest and sleep.  The momma rabbit has been real protective.  She gets annoyed and charges at your hand whenever you get near them.  We've still made an effort to hold each of the babies every day so they get used to us.

They've started to get hair, but none of them have opened their eyes yet.


On Friday, two days after they were born, I made a grim discovery.  I went to check on the babies and only found 3 of them curled up together.  So I looked around the nest for the others.  Much to my surprise I found 3 more.  That means she gave birth to 6 babies, not 5.  My excitement from that discovery didn't last long.  One of those three was not moving.  I don't know if it was stillborn or what.  I was sad.  I removed it from the hutch and buried it in the woods.  I moved the two that had been separated back with the other three.  Next time she has a litter we'll know enough to check the nest for hidden babies.

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