Monday, March 3, 2014

Garden Trellises

My 2014 garden plan calls for several trellises.  I need one for slicing cucumbers, one for pickling cucumbers and one for peas.  Rather than buying something I thought I'd use what I had around the old homestead. 

I went into the woods and found several straight trees and cut them into 8' lengths.  Then I placed them in the corners of three of my raised beds.
Next I used square lashings to attach 8' long poles horizontally between the vertical poles.
At this point it was getting more difficult to find straight trees to turn into poles.  I did manage to find one 16' in length and used it to connect the trellises in all three beds.  It too was attached with square lashings.  This should add some structural support. 

Since I couldn't find a second 16' pole I just used paracord on the other side.
For the final step I had to create the grid on the trellis itself.  That's the entire point.  The plants have to climb up something.  The first bed is where the peas are going.  I tied twine to the bottom of the post on one side and simply wrapped it around each post until I got to the top.  I tried to leave 4" spaces between each row.  Once I was done with that I tied 3 pieces of twine to the top pole and brought them down vertically.  I wrapped them around the individual rows of twine running horizontally.  I'm hoping that this adds additional support.
The grids on the next two trellises were larger.  Rather than just wrapping the twine back and forth around the posts I cut individual pieces and tied them on each end.  I spaced them 6-8" apart.  Then I ran several pieces of twine vertically from the top pole to form a grid. 
I'm pretty happy with the results.  It cost me less than $4 for the twine.  I just hope that it's strong enough to hold up all of the vegetables I plan to grow on it. 

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