Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall garden maintenance

A lot of the plants are out of my garden already.  It's a good time to amend the soil before putting in more fall plants (I already have a few kale plants in).
I moved the drip irrigation line out of the way.
It's clear in the picture above that the soil in the raised bed has settled.  It's now several inches lower than when I filled it.  So what do I add to my raised beds?  I add compost, lots and lots of compost.
The hay is from the rabbit hutch.  I dumped the trays from their hutch on top of the compost from my bins.
I used a shovel to move the compost from the wheel barrow to the raised bed.  I didn't want to just dump the whole load in there with no control.  I spread the compost with a rake to get it fairly level and in the corners.
Lots of fresh compost in half the bed.  I'll fill the other half once those beans are gone.
My other raised beds needed additional compost as well.  (I'm not including pictures of all of them.  That would be redundant.)
I used more than one wheel barrow load of compost per bed which put quite a dent in the compost pile.  I'm not sure that I'm going to have enough to fill all of the raised beds.  I still have a few to do. 

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