Saturday, September 20, 2014

Yet another compost bin update.

Thought I'd post a quick status on my compost.  It's looking pretty good these days. 

I've found an easier way to deal with turning it.  I try to turn it on the 15th of every month.  It's a lot of work to move all of the compost from one side of the bin to the other.  So recently I got lazy (or smart depending on how you look at it).  Rather than move it all at once, I move a little bit every 3 days or so.
I started by pulling the compost from the top of the pile to the ground in front of the bin.

After 3 days I moved the compost in front of the bin to in front of the other bin.  Then I had more room to pull compost out of the first bin.

Three days later the stuff in front of the second bin got moved into the second bin and more was pulled out of the first bin.

Eventually the first bin ended up empty.

It took about 2 weeks but all of the compost ended up in the second bin.
I don't know how well this slow turn process will work during the first few months of composting.  I tend to fill the bins with a lot of dry leaves and they might just blow away if they're not contained.  At this stage everything is pretty much broken down so I don't have to worry about it going anywhere on its own. I'll be moving it to the raised beds soon.  They've settled quite a bit and need to be topped off. 

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