Saturday, October 4, 2014

Granny Smith Apple Tree.

I went to the Farmers Market in Raleigh the other day and found a guy selling Granny Smith apple trees.  Granny Smiths are my favorite apple and I've been looking for a tree for quite some time.  I've never seen them at Lowes or Home Depot.  Anyway, the tree looked nice and it was only $25.  I bought it without any hesitation.  Luckily it fit in the van.
I dug a hole that was slightly bigger than the root ball of the tree.  I probably should've made it bigger.
I put compost in the bottom of the hole, and then removed the tree from the pot and placed it in the hole.  I filled in the remaining space with more compost.
The final step was to install an IrriPan (like I'd done with my previous trees) and then water it.  It'll probably be a few years before I get apples, but that's how it goes.  If I don't put in a tree I'll never get any!

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