Thursday, October 2, 2014

Garden Status for September 2014

This might be one of the last monthly gardening status updates this year.  I did start some Fall garden maintenance the other day.  I still have some more to do.  In terms of harvests, I don't have much left.  I still have some pepper plants and some beans.  I put in some kale, some of which could be harvested, but the rest is going to take a few more weeks.
Peppers - September 14
September 14
Pole beans - September 14
September 14
Peppers - September 17
More beans and the last tomatoes - September 21

Rainbow chard - September 23
Kale and chard - September 25
Mostly empty raised beds - September 27
 I did put down some hairy vetch seeds in some of the beds the same way I did last year.  I haven't seen any of it germinate and sprout yet.  I thought that my seed from last year would still be good.  Maybe it isn't.  If something doesn't appear in the next week or two I'll put more down.

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