Sunday, April 5, 2015

2015 Baby Bunnies - Week 5

The baby rabbits have gotten so big!  They'll be ready for homes in just 3 weeks. 
 They don't hold still for group photos.
 Their ears are in a weird in between stage.  They started out sticking up but are slowing falling down.

I thought it would be fun to get them into the yard today.  I put up the folding pen and put each of the baby rabbits in there.  Then I moved the momma.  They seemed fairly happy hopping around.  I went to check on the chickens.  I was filling their water when I looked over to see the dog chasing a baby rabbit around the yard.  I yelled to my daughter who quickly grabbed the rabbit and put it back in the pen.  (The dog wasn't trying to hurt it.  She has a herding instinct and likes to chase and play.) 

We kept a close eye on the rabbits, but after the second one got out we decided that having them in the yard was not a good idea.  They went back into the hutch.
I was outside after dark tonight and heard a lot of scratching noise from the rabbits.  When I got close I could see that none of the rabbits were in the cage part of the hutch.  They were all in the box.  I lifted the lid and could make out the momma rabbit pressed against the wall and four pairs of feet sticking out from under her.  The babies were on their backs with their feet in the air nursing.  It was quite comical.  I thought they stopped nursing once they started eating solid food, but I guess not. 

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