Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chicken update

Last fall we got three new chickens.  They were still young at the time and weren't laying any eggs.  We weren't getting many eggs from the older birds either.  We were averaging maybe 1 egg per day.  Oh how things have changed.
Winter generally isn't a good time for eggs.  The chickens lay less due to the shorter amount of daylight.  That changed in the Spring.  We're now getting 5-7 eggs per day from 7 chickens!  I'm very surprised by this.  I expected the 3 young birds to lay well, but 4 of the birds are 3 years old now.  They're cranking out the eggs even though the amount of eggs is supposed to drop off with age. 
One of the new birds.  I don't remember the breed.
Buff Orpington
Dark Brahma
In addition to getting a lot of eggs, some of them have had double yolks and are downright huge!  We haven't figured out which bird is laying them. 

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