Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 Garden. The first plants are in the ground.

The seeds I started a while back have turned into nice sized plants. 
 I've been putting them out in the sun on and off during the last two weeks.
The weather forecast looked good (no freezing temperatures) last Sunday so I decided to put some of the tomatoes in the ground.  I only planted four of them in the row.  I didn't measure, but they should each have about 2 ft. of space. 
I didn't write any posts about it, but I did plant hairy vetch again last fall.  And just like last year I cut it down and put it in place as mulch.  It does keep the soil underneath very damp. 

I didn't start nearly as many seeds this year.  I also didn't print out a diagram of the garden and mark down what I wanted to plant where.  That lead directly to not knowing how many seeds to start.  So I'm winging it.  I'll transplant the plants I have and throw beans or something in the empty space. 

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