Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rainwater usage report after one month

I've been flushing one of my toilets with rain water for a month now.  The results are in.  The flow meter says that I've used 565.5 gallons of water. 
Not all of that water was used to flush the toilet.  I also pressure washed some of the driveway and washed my cars.  That doesn't really matter though.  Using rain water means that I'm not using water from the water company.  I'm interested to see how my bill will be affected.  I just have to wait and see.


  1. dude, that is a lot of water... how much has it rained there? how long did it take to catch that much rain water? (how many storage tanks do you have?!)

    1. I can store ~830 gallons. A hard rain can fill the barrels under the downspouts in a matter of minutes. It takes longer for the water to migrate to the other barrels through the 1/2" tubing. It has rained pretty regularly all summer. I haven't run out of rain water yet.