Saturday, August 10, 2013

We have another rabbit. With any luck that'll lead to more rabbits in the future.

I haven't written much about the rabbit.  I just haven't had the time with the garden, the ducks, and the broilers.  That and my daughter is really good about taking care of the rabbit.  She makes sure that it has food, hay, and water every day.  And she let's me know when the manure needs to be dumped off of the tray.  Then she'll hose it off.  So there isn't much for me to do with the rabbit.

Anyway, my wife has been watching craigslist and finally found a male Holland Lop.  She picked it up yesterday.
My daughter put the two rabbits on the porch for some play time today.  The male was kept inside the pet pen and the female outside. 
They both too young to be "dating" just yet.  So they were kept separated.
Aww, aren't they so cute!
The plan is to breed them in January so we have bunnies available for sale right around Easter.  That's the plan.  That should be interesting.  I'm sure it'll be educational. 

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