Saturday, September 14, 2013

We have another rabbit.

We lost our male rabbit the other day.  I still don't know for sure what happened.  I did some searching on Google, and it sounds to me like it was GastroIntestinal StasisHe stopped eating and died a few days later.  

Luckily the world has craigslist.  My wife was able to find another male rabbit in no time.
He's little.  He's smaller than the last one, but much more friendly.  He doesn't mind being held.  He doesn't hide when you go out to the hutch to feed him.  Actually he comes right up to the cage to sniff and greet you.  He's not even bothered by the dog.  The two of them sniff noses all the time.
He's two months old and seems to have settled into his new home just fine.  

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